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National Seattle's Best Coffee #677

With over 1 billion cups of Seattle’s Best Coffee enjoyed each year, bring the power of the Seattle’s Best brand to your customers.

The hot beverage high season is here & now ! There has never been a better time to take your vended coffee program to a higher level. Compete against alternative channels; grow same store sales; increase retail pricing; build customer loyalty by featuring a prestigious, premium coffee brand.

Get on board - Seattle's Best Coffee is hot!

2 million cups served daily
50,000+ distribution points (including two major QSR chains)
Big impact media events in play - TV, print, digital, social

A turnkey program - with proven results!

Seattle's Best Coffee range of ingredients
Seattle's Best Coffee lab/field tested & approved brewing process
Electronically programmed, preset recipes for drink consistency
Factory installed Seattle's Best Coffee graphics & menus
Quality Seattle's Best Coffee branded over-the-counter style large & small cup sizes.


Type Crane - Hot Drink Center (Models 677 and AP 947 DG). Seattle's Best Coffee retrofit kits are available for existing machines (Models 673, 677, and AP 947 DG).
Height 72 in.
Depth 33.75 in.
Width 38.13 in.
Shipping Weight 570 lbs.
Electrical Ratings 115 Volts / 60 Hz / 16 Amps (20 amp circuit required)
Operation cULus, CE, FCC, NAMA

Additional Beverages Available

Café au Lait: Freshly ground coffee and milk combined in a way that is , quite frankly, delicious.
Mocha Café au Lait: Freshly ground coffee and a hint of cocoa goodness.
Vanilla Café au Lait: Freshly ground coffee, milk, and a hint of sweet vanilla goodness.
Caramel Café au Lait: Freshly ground coffee, milk, and a hint of sweet caramel goodness.
Seattle's Best Coffee® Hot Cocoa: Made from the highest quality gourmet cocoa. Fireplace not included.


Freshly brews a premium brand of coffee and specialty beverages from a conveniently located vending machine.
Help grow sales with increased demand and higher price points.
Includes a wide range of premium offerings.
Machines available in platinum or black.


Allows your employees and customers to enjoy popular Seattle's Best Coffee® without the need to leave the building.
Compete with other channels to offer a comprehensive hot drink program featuring a desired brand, branded machine, quality branded cups and set recipes.
Appeals to a large number of consumers and promotes greater customer satisfaction.
Allows you to choose the machine color that best fits your needs.