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Micro Market Solutions

In addition to regular vending machine choices, Vending Plus offers you Avanti Markets, a complete, self-checkout food market located right in your office. Avanti Markets can offer your employees a much wider array of food choices, both in sizes and selections.

For a health conscience person, you can make choices to stock fresh fruit, low-calorie sandwiches, salads, yogurt, and other healthy choice snack options that may not fit in a traditional vending machine. In addition, you can choose from an array of frozen foods, like frozen dinners and ice cream. You have complete control over what is stocked in your micro-market. It's like having a convenience store right in your office! And, if you just can't decide, we'll do the shopping for you! Vending Plus wants to make your decision making as easy as possible.

Start creating a better work environment for your employees with the Avanti Advantage! By providing an Avanti Markets in your workplace, employees will be happier, healthier and more productive. The following are some key advantages to why Avanti Markets really work for companies nationwide:

Healthier, happier employees
Large assortment of products including healthy choices
Improves employee efficiency
No vending machine hassles
Reduces employee travel expenses for snacks or lunch
Reduces extended breaks of employees
Take home products improves work/life balance
Improves corporate culture

Avanti Markets is completely customizable, allowing you a wide array of floor plans to accommodate your work space. Employees and guests pay at an unmanned kiosk that comes with a complete 24-hour security system. For more information on Avanti Markets, please contact us or call 1-800-356-3401.

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